Austerity measures; Will the mind set change?

Austerity Drive‘Kifyat Shuari main hi hai samajhdari’, perhaps the government is realizing it now and decides to cut short of expenses by announcing a plan of austerity measures and approving it through federal Cabinet. The suggestion of cabinet includes 40% reduction in foreign tours, 25% reduction in utility expenses of Presidency and PM house, reduction in number of minister(quite necessary), ban on performing Hajj on government expense, reduced entourage for PM & president & the use of video conferencing rather visiting foreign states etc etc.

These glittering announcements are ‘interestingly shocking’ us but their implementation and outcome will be a million dollar question. Such austerity measures after expanding the federal cabinet to its highest limits are for scoring some marks or serious business?

Dawn editorial quotes;

Slashing the number of ministries and divisions is the order of the day, as is cutting down on other expenses that have more to do with pomp and splendor than official business. Pakistan needs every rupee it can save.

It will be a nice gesture by the government officials if they come forward and support this decision and sincerely work for the progress & prosperity of Pakistan. A collective effort is the need of time.

Image: Life’s a comic strip

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