Attitude in Office

References and your previous work experience are the key components of your resume. They let your prospective employer a tool to poke into your behavior and attitude during the work and your approach towards the colleagues. Most employers prefer not to employ persons with rude and rogue attitudes, unless, of course, they are recruiting for police.

Such individuals who act negatively in the office are normally low performers and add very little value to the objective of the company, and they don’t provide much support in fulfilling the vision of their outfit. Their attitude is rooted in hooliganism and stereotyping, focusing more on the bullying and maneuvering rather than the abilities of individual, and believing that they will not be able to efficiently perform their roles through peace and harmony.

So such employees don’t remained gainfully employed at a single place for much longer. Their CV tells the story of their frequent migrations. They not only harm themselves, but also dent the workforce morale and decrease the customer goodwill. Productivity gets screwed due to them, and office looks like more of a National Assembly than a proper professional environment.

But it would be equally unfair to just throw these rogue elements out of the office and deprive them from earning bread and butter. They should be treated as sick cases, and they should be dealt with method. There exists a dire requirement to establish a framework for comprehensive development of strategies, programmes, and services for equalization of opportunities for such cases with stern check, and there should be a available a counseling for them.

It would certainly be a great advantage for the employers, if they could harness the fiery attitude into the positive stream of innovation and productivity.

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