Attention Seeking Syndrome

This is my first blog post at Chowrangi and I am starting it with few words on “Attention seeking syndrome” that both India and Pakistan suffer from!

Lets get back we were one, we were united and we fought together against evil.

We all got what we deserved; FREEDOM and then we actually started our journey in achieving our first objective food, shelter etc
(Maslow’s law of hierarchy)

And we didn’t realize realized we were short of resources and we were vulnerable at the same time.

And today it has brought us to the point where we have actually programmed and conditioned our belief system with the stereotypes.

Inspite of the fact that we both are loosing on opportunities we still fight for that attention and the tag which say’s ” We were always right form the beginning”.

Using this attention seeking syndrome countries and powerful people all across the world have played with the common man which is same on both the sides hungry, naked and frustrated and slowly turning into a devil willing to do anything and everything for that one bite food and self satisfaction.

And now I ask to all the people who apparently belong to the so called “Optimistic Cult”; are you being optimist, or is it that even you need that attention.

I feel that this is is going to end only when leaders on both sides understand “Ground Zero” and start negotiating instead of bargaining.

Also the common man on both sides has to act now or it will actually end up watching his future generation fighting a CIVIL WAR for a reason which is undefined and irrational.

Lets not just talk about things, lets work them out. Lets work honestly and be just with our jobs. Lets not just light candles after bomb blasts and stereotype people but lets actually come to streets to question the people in power.

We are suffering because we forgot our responsibility as a common man.

Enough of suffering

We need a revolution right now!

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