Attempting Life

Life doesn’t always come with a set of choices.

Sometimes all questions are  compulsory and you have to  attempt them.

Life is not always coloured too…

No matter how much technology has progressed..the canvas of life sometimes paints the screens of one’s life black and white.

You can not help it!

The brush is not in your hand. You are not the painter.

You are not the composer too.

The frame is to be fixed in your life among other frames. And one day when you are truly enjoying the coloured life, the balck n white frames comes in….It is set there and you cannot help it.

No one knows the reason why, but only He does.

When the shuttles will cease, when the world will stop spining, when life’s frame sets in, not to be changed ever….

Only then will he explain the reason why…

Sometimes you really have to let it go in fate.

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