Attack on the Victim

The world has community has expressed solidarity with the people, government and armed forces of Pakistan. In these testing times, only the most favored ally of Pakistan, the United States is not standing with the Pakistan, while the rest of the world is asking tough questions from the Indians.

In the wake of the Mumbai terrorist attacks, for which India directly blamed Pakistan that resulted in tension between the two countries, the Indians all of a sudden wanted hot pursuit of terrorist, but as the world showed eyeballs to the Indian aggressors, especially our friends, the Indians came back to the sanity and now the tension is diffused. But still world needs to keep a check on the Indians.

Pakistan itself is the biggest victim of terrorism and the losses caused by terrorist activities in the country in the form of civilian deaths and killings of armed forces personnel are more than any country in the region, including India. In these terrorists activities, the Indian hand has always remained there, but even then Pakistan has never shown any sabre-rattling towards India and its India which always attack.

World has to step up and call upon the Indian government to show restraint and avoid blame game against Pakistan.

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