Attack of the Creeps

Many kids (both the chronologically young and the young at heart) adore video games of different varieties and flavors. But this love often becomes a reason of apprehension for the parents, who don’t want their kids to spend the whole day in front of screen and simultaneously parents want their kids to know as much as possible about the technological and virtual world. Parents appreciate those digital games, which engage the brain in powerful ways and facilitate innovation and creativity.

The gaming industry has been attempting to create such a balanced successful game for years which hasn’t turned out to be that good, but finally, here is something to feast on. Attack
of the Creeps
from Galago Games is a fantastic amalgamation of creativity enhancing virtual controls as well as natural and charming visuals. It not only render some delicately beautiful graphics but also presents some exquisite moments of sheer pleasure.

The game’s theme is what we do throughout our life; Defense. In ‘Attack of the Creeps’, some odious looking creeps assail your land, and the only way you have to save your land is by using the power of towers. Creeps are of different kinds and strengths, but thankfully, you have also got myriad kinds of towers at your disposal. Your land is drawn on the map, and the goal is to stop creeps to cross the maps.

Creeps will come solo or in the groups. They will come creeping, or there is strong possibility that they will come flying. Some creeps would be immune, and some would be bossy. Like the group creeps, bossy creeps would be slow, but bossy creeps will be stronger. There would be some fast agile creeps, but they would not be that strong.

But however they come, you have got pretty comprehensive arsenal to halt their advance and cease their existence. You have got the power of towers. You have got Arrow towers, which would be available in abundance with wide range, but their power is slow. Then you have got Cannon towers, which have short range, but their power is devastating. And Don’t forget the Fire Tower, which spews out a sure creep-annihilating ball of fire. With Fire Tower, you could turn a good number of creeps into ashes within an eye blink in a relishing manner.

Another useful tower is the Quake Tower, which has got the ability to generate tremors that would stupefy and injure the close by creeps. Another tower power is the Frost towers, which freeze out the creeps and halt their motion. But it should be remembered that Immune creeps have developed the resistance to Quake and Frost towers.

When the game starts, initially the creeps remain very slow and languid, but with the passage of time, as the game progresses and creeps get more greedy for your precious land over the map, their motions become more agile and alarming. The more the time passes, the more they get ominous, but you have got your lethal towers and hands-on controls. The more creeps you stop, the more points you score and earn more gold. The gold is utilized to build and refresh the towers. You could click on the creep to assess its health, and deselect by clicking the right mouse. A tower could be clicked for up gradation or selling.

Simplicity is the beauty of Attack
of the Creeps
. Yet it is challenging enough to draw your innovative juices in abundance. The game relies heavily on the atmosphere made possible through modern graphics and sound. The game has a brilliant collection of weapons and unique set of enemies, and its intriguing theme is what the developers are relying on to captivate a demanding audience. Another salient feature of the game is that, it doesn’t ask for whooping resources either. Just 1 GHz processor with mere 256 MB of RAM and OpenGL or DirectX compatible accelerated 3D video card upon Windows XP or Vista would do.

Overall, Attack
of the Creeps
is a good first exceptionally good casual game that will sure to please both the fans of any genre as well as others looking for a decent lightweight game at un-believably affordable price.

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