Atta Do Vote Lo

People are surely frustrated in all nooks of Pakistan. Its not just due to the dearth of flour, electricity, gas, drinking water and the money and other life oppurtunities, its the overall national mood. This long and regular uncertainety has beginning to take its toll upon the nerves of the people.

Riots which followed after the terrible assassination of two-times Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto were just an example of the rising anger of people. It wasnt only the grief, and the rioters werent just some bunch of streets rogues. They were common people taking their revenge from the society. They looted, plundered and torched the places which were the sources of their sufferings.

Now this flour crisis which has choked the lives of millions across the country is yet another flashpoint of anger and grief. The people who are now looting the utility stores in various cities of country are not criminals, rather they are representatives of the oppressed class who is abandoned by the elite and upper class in the wild.

Like in Paris in 1789, crowd demolished the Bastille and overthrew the despotic regime because they were made to reach at the brink, people of Pakistan are also getting hapless day by day. Apparatchiks of government should get out from Islamabad and see the sufferings of people in other cities.

But our beloved country, at this crucial juncture of its history when enemies are hitting at its survival cannot afford domestic strife. Chaos and anarchy are not the solution to our internal affairs and people should show calm, and try to unreveal the dastards who have created this crisis, people should ask their candidates (especially from the PML-Q candidats) to bring them the hoarded and smuggled flour, and government must act quickly before its too late.

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