ATM (All Time Money) for the robbers?

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan and an industrial hub too. City has been through a dramatic change in the last two decades. From new buildings to fly over and under passes to huge shopping stores and malls, it has become a glamorous city now. We use to read in our text books that ” Roshnion ka shehar Karachi”. It has truly been a city of lights and inspiration to me. Now even more beautiful and worth watching place.

It has been called mini Dubai by many people because it has provided bread and butter to many people who came from other cities to acquire jobs. But now days it has became hard to earn living, for one reason or the other. Karachi is facing a lot of criminal activities recently, the white corolla case, daily mobile snatching and lot of other activities. Law enforcement agencies must look into the matter and try to resolve these problems to make it a safer place. Recent development in Karachi was mushrooming of ATM’s. It is fascinating to the people and customers of bank that they don’t need wait in the bank for cash, because these machines are at their service whenever they need it. But they are not safer now as many incidents are happening there also. Like these which were recorded on CCTV cameras with color picture but there is no time stamp. It must be ensured that a guard or a camera video monitoring should be there all the time to save people and their earnings. I hope that there must be some kind of security or check on these machines for the sake of people.

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