Atheists Don’t Exist

It is very easy for some people to out rightly deny the existence of God. Their life. Their choice.

This tendency is somewhat being seen in Muslims nowadays. What with the Existentialist philosophies looming over our heads and the increasing intolerance among people, it paves a sudden behavior of denial. An interesting thing to note is that most of these people have studied philosophy in great depth. And have maybe also studied a considerable amount of Modern literature and Existentialism.

Here is my argument. Atheists don’t exist. God exists. But I do not believe in atheists. If they do, then what is the proof of such an assertion? Visibility or solid appearances have nothing to do with proof. Who is to say that they are not a figment of my imagination? Remember Professor John Nash and his imaginary friends? They were real and solid enough to him.

It is God who makes my heart beat. It is God who gives my heart contentment. I never get that from people. So what can persuade me to believe in people? I have always been disappointed in them. So that logically means that I should stop believing in them. People forget that there is such a thing known as a test from God. All is not smooth and easy in this world. We have to qualify ourselves as being worthy or unworthy of god’s approval. That cannot be done without any trials and tests. Denying the truth is the easiest way out. And the most costly.

God is Unseen and yet Apparent. Only God can possess that attribute. Only God is above the petty idiosyncrasies and behavior of people. When Muslims turn into atheists, God keeps giving them from His bounties. He does not like this deviation in people. But He is the Mightiest. People cannot harm or affect Him.

Denying the truth to its face… is there any way of even describing such an act?

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  1. “An interesting thing to note is that most of these people have studied philosophy in great depth. And have maybe also studied a considerable amount of Modern literature and Existentialism.”

    No it is not the case. No doubt those in denial have some background in education in general but it
    People have started using common sense and value reasoning more than blackmailing from so called religions doctrines and authorities. Agnotism and Atheism exist and is growing becuase religion through out its history has done less good than bad.

  2. la la la la la la la ala la la.

    you apprehended music now you dont.

    you apprehended arts now you dont.

    you rebuked evolution now you dont.

    you using arguments of western philosophers in a way that would disgrace them.

  3. To ellaborate it further, quantum physics have shown that space and time are illusions of perception (5 senses). Therefore our bodies cannot truely be reality if they occupy the space and float through time. Rutherford conducted an experiment in Manchester that revealed to him the view of interior space of atom. Scientists were shocked to observe that an atom is almost entirely empty space. The question thus arose how could an empty atome create a solid world around us? Our true consciousness does not exist in our brain or bodies. we dont think independentaly from one another and neither we are divided in different origins, color and creed as it seems. If we are to believe that we are all different than it would be impossible to describe the transfer of information without physical mediums like clairvoyence, telepathy, future predictions, deja vu, intuitions and for that matter “wahi”. But when one starts to unfold that we are all one and our source is “one divine intelligence” all suddenly falls into place!

    Right from the childhood we are taught how to think rationally and tangibly. This is a very left brain method of deciphering physical reality. Left brain deals with facts, patterns, logic, sceience, math, details and practicality. Whereas right brain assists us in synthesizing intuition, religion, philosophy, feeling, symbols, images and risk taking.

    The prohibition of thinking with the holistic brain is deterimental to the human kind. Facts, figure, stats and numbers are taught in the entire education system. This means that the ace students who cram through their texts end up to be the rulers of nation in every feild. They are all use left side of the brain since that is their secret story to glory! This unholistic pattern of using the brain is called “supression of the femine”. Every male and female has both femine and masculine qualities. It has nothing to do with man or woman. These are represented by left and right brain, Yin and yang, Black and white, Light and dark and every other duality. Both are vital for our physical and spiritual health. In ancient egypt females were rightful heir to the throne, the male she chose to marry beacme a pharoah! This was the Godess tradition the rightists that has been destroyed over the ages to develop a patriarichal male dominated society.

    Anyhow, if one is to believe that God is nothing but a web that transcends through space and connects everything in cosmos religion would be easier to comprehend. Our bodies are merely vessels to contain our spirits and gather experience for that (one and only) divine mind. This is only how evolution is possible. The species becoming more complex to receive and synthesize more information, to experience more makes sense. This was confirmed by a japanese scientist by the experiment called the “100th monkey” in which certain group of monkies developed learned behaviour that became innate in forthcoming generations. Its just a further testimony of collective consciousness of species.

    everthing in the universe has vibrations. We also have harmonic focal points or shockers in our body, just like those in guitars whose locations are precisely described. These are the points where our vibrations culminate. In religious philosophy these shockers (7 in number) bring health and prosperity to our spritual and physical world. Our earth has also 7 shockers where its vibrations culminate equidistant from one another. There is one in each continent. (i will tell where if someone wanna ask). Scientifically it has been proven that theres a molten iron crystal that resonates at approx 7 Hrtz. Earth has electro magnetic vortices where this energy eminates. There are several around equator where radio and compass malfuntioning is reported.

    All emotion are vibratory frquencies. they manifest in the physical world through increased heart rate, sweating, rise in body temperature etc. Moreover these emotions true nature is only vibratory. Anger causes disturbance in the psyche which manifests in the ego. Thus the body feels as mentioned above.

    There are only two emotions in human kind. Fear and love. All other emotions are branches of it direct or indirect. The fear when acknowledged lead us to get exploited and manipulated. Love on the other hand is nurturing and security.

    Well to cut it short I would say that now even science acknowldges the higher consciousness of all living and non living things in the cosmos inter related and controlled through ONE and ONLY our beloved Allah SW. Tell your atheist not to waste your time:)!

  4. We have passed the generation, awe and spelndour of existentialist scientists like satre and his cadre. Now we MORE people who act like disbelievers thinking its a fad or “in thing”. The social immorality or rather amorality trickles from the west (thats prolly the only element of their society we copy and crave to adopt) to developing world… I dont want to philosophize the concept of atheism and their cross questioning because through history they have failed miserably. They don’t want to believe its a matter of choice rather than any logical assertion. Now the scientists have found that DNA emits photons and with thought you can actualy alter your body this is not psychosomatics this is much beyond. They have found a nucleus within some sub atomic particles of human (cell) body that radiates energy akin to that of solar radiation talk about aaashraful mukhlukaat here 🙂 the only guiding principal is the right thinking sicen what you think is you! and by these decisions you decide in the eternal realm.

  5. A.O:
    Look who’s talking about growing up, living together in peace and giving him fucking break. u sound like a frustrated little zitty teenager trying to vent out his frustrations online! get a life!!!! if u have a point, at least try to make it reasonably. u expect me to listen to a whiny crybaby? i wrote that piece after reading tonnes of forums and articles and sites by atheists who malign all religions and judge and criticize every believer except the likes of themselves. so here’s my message to u, get a fucking life, a maturer outlook, or at least way of expressing it. bugger.

    to anonymous:

    well, well, where do u live? because ppl whom everyone listens to, scientists etc, are claiming certain things. i don’t know much but proponents of quantum physics theories say that a thing exists only if u tune in to the frequency and actually ‘see’ it! u believe in electro magnetic waves but can’t believe in their creator. okay. this is where i withdraw and let u be with ur beliefs (or unbeliefs)

  6. A.O: maybe religion doesnt have anything to do with your values, our moral values are derived from religion and hence our government is defined by our religion. If you have a problem then guess what, fuck off.


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