At least Squeal, People

Is anybody really remembering that celebrated change we got on 18th February, earlier this year? or was it centuries ago? The memories have grown dull and its hard to recall all that rejoicing and the hope for the future.

What are the chances that this new era, this change, this new dawn will really come true, because still there is darkness and still there is not a single ray of light and the tunnel seems to be going on forever. The leaders, the new leaders which came into being after the elections are clueless. For them might actually compound the problems the rest of the world faces as a result of mounting crisis due to the previous regime.

But the time has come when they must forget the previous regime and start acting at their own. Because the over-whelming majority of the Pakistani people, still reeling from their sudden and to themselves inexplicable unpopularity in most of the rest of the world, cannot afford to let the time pass, as India is threatening and implicating Pakistan in an impossible situation.

We are drowning in an oblivion and it seems that the more we are exposed to the crisis, the more our appetite for it seems to grow. We don’t even squeal. We voted for them, and now we must ask for results or at least for a will to show the results.

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