Assuming peace

The already disturbed law and order situation in NWFP and tribal areas is witnessing another series of dramatic rise in militancy and violent activities. Despite the fact that the coalition government has presided over the suicide incidents are taking place daily. Few days back Baitullah Masud gave an ultimatum to the government of North West Frontier Province to quit within five days or face consequences.

Though the Chief Minister NWFP Ameer Haider Hoti turned a deaf ear to this message and categorically termed that his government would not resign on someone’s desire or advice, still signs of distress within the government were there. A cabinet meeting to review law and order situation within the province, reviewing the implementation of peace deal with local Taliban from Swat and regarding the received threat from Baitullah Masud was held. In addition, the provincial government also sent army to Hangu district as precautionary measure in order to avoid any untoward situation in the area.

It appears that militants are gaining control of districts after districts and the government loosing its writ. Americans already discarded the policy decision based on Peace agreements with militants, now the ultimatums given to the government of a sovereign state by mere non-state actors has further raised suspicions within the polity of Pakistan.

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan spokesman Maulvi Omar stated that due to the double standards of ANP government it was a compulsion on TTP to warn ANP. Taliban had anticipated that ANP government would work for peace in Pakhtoon dominated area but instead it had played a very “negative role” and began launching operations against Taliban in Khyber agency, Hangu and Swat.

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