Assualting Pakistan

In the wake of Elections 2008 in United States, frequent debates are going on and one of the moot point of these debate is whether they should attack Pakistan or not. US candidates for presidency are very animatedly and seriously discussing the pros and cons of such adventures, the editorials and opinion columnists of US dailies are also throwing their lights on such prospective quite extensively.

In the wake of Elections 2008 in Pakistan, there are no debates at all. No discussion whatsoever between the candidates and among the political analysts. Nation’s news is curbed, and the views are confused. Due to the ban on media, we really don’t know what the heck these Benazir, Nawaz Sharif, Pervez Elahi and anyone else would give to our country if he or she comes to power. Nawaz Sharif’s whole politics revolves around targeting Musharraf, while Benazir Bhutto’s revolve around Kursi, and Pervez Elahi remains busy in knitting deceptions for both Babu and Bibi with the help of his mentor Chaudhary Shujaat.

We don’t know the stand of our politicians over this potential US attack on Pakistan. We don’t see any remarks from Pakistani politicians overt the debates on US. What would be their modus operandi to tackle with such a situation? Oh, Benazir would vacate her Prime Minister house in Islamabad and Bilawal House in Karachi for US marines. What would Nawaz and Elahi do?

Such a situation must not be permitted to linger. Pakistan’s politicians must need to show their people that they are in control of the nation’s destiny, and not anyone sitting elsewhere in the world.

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