Associated Content or Offensive Content about Islam

Cyberspace has now become a sea of thoughts by each and every one. Some use it to create awareness and others to criticize or offend someone or something. A lot has been said and debated after 9/11 about Islam and Terrorism. Not every word of it was authentic as every one knows. It is very easy to create rumor or controversy. Like the case of Lays and its ingredients in Pakistan. People are still not accepting the product although endorsed by Junaid Jamshed. The reason is simple, media hyped a story no one argue or researched about it and people start avoiding Lays.

Same is the case with propaganda sites. There is a website operating from Denver, Colorado which allows any one to post content about any thing and without proper verification or research they post it. The site has been operated by a board of more than 6 people on corporate basis. It has paid its contributors more than $1 million last year. This is how they introduce themselves,

Associated Content offers a progressive, challenging and dynamic work environment. Along with the thousands of Sources who contribute to our vast multimedia library, AC employees are our greatest asset. AC employees receive competitive compensation and benefit plans.

Associated Content is an Equal Opportunity Employer, with offices in Denver, CO and New York City.

Such a huge traffic generating site which is associated with other sites also, should be responsible for what is posted or attributed to it. Most of the writers are Hindus and Christians who are continually promoting their religions while passing judgment on Islam. They should show respect to every religion. I came across an article written by George Melutch and I find it an effort to malign Islam. The author himself has a disputed degree as the site mentions but allows him to post such words which are against Islam and promotes Christianity. What has made him credible enough to comment on Islam? There should be some code of conduct for each and every site not to post content which is offended. The site owner and administrators also should be responsible for the content posted and try not to use abusive and harsh words.

We should strongly protest and register our concerns against such malicious entities that produce and promote false and hateful content over the internet.

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  1. I’m highly allergic to people like Junaid Jamshed (he was in my group when I performed Haj). Recently he told students that they should study only religion and not science and technology. And why should he endorse a suspected food item on TV which, according to the Tableeghi Jamaat (to which he belongs), Mulsims should not watch? After he endorsed “Lays” as “halal”, I have decided not to eat products labelled “Lays”.


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