Asif Zardari: Kingmaker becomes the King himself

After becoming the co-chairperson of PPP, Asif Zardari was known as king maker in Pakistan. But now he is the king himself. As it is narrated in fairy tales and other stories that one day the king maker himself felt greed and started cheating his king thus, the lust for power made him a traitor double crossing his own master. Similarly the king maker in Pakistan has made his final moves for becoming a king.

Time will tell whether his strive for power was to serve Pakistan and its people or is for the sake of having a taste of strength in a state where he was once called Mr. ten percent, Play boy and was charged in several cases. Equivalently time will evaluate whether his strategies in becoming the president were for self interests where he acted as traitor or did he really wanted to serve this nation. His stance regarding article 58-2b would be serving as enough evidence illustrating and defining his motives. Today Pakistan is in hands of those people which were once denounced as the most corrupt people in its history. Lets hopes the history does not repeats itself for once.

4 thoughts on “Asif Zardari: Kingmaker becomes the King himself”

  1. why are we hoping against hope…why dont we face it that zardari is DA MAN he not only outsmarted nawaz league but now is even movin faster making alliances to regain total control and whats all the yankin about corruption/ lose characterz/ play boyz etc thats all irrelevant in PK… so leave that stuff alone and focus on how it happens and when it happnes…… prayerz for the hopless and destitute if ma land…may Allah veeery sooon IA send help for ya bros and sisterz!!!

  2. He became president after a deal with americans. he accepted their demand to attack on pakistan. Actually he sold pakistan for his presidency.


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