Ashwariya Rai’s first marriage was to a tree!

Ashwariya Rai commited the mistake of being born on Tuesday. Girls born on Tuesday are called Manglik. Many Hindus believe that a Manglik’s first husband will die right after marriage. This is the reason Ashwariya Rai had to marry a tree before her marriage to Abhishek Bachchan. They tried to keep this news a secret, but it leaked and spread like wildfire. I can understand people in slums practicing this kind of nonsense but I can’t believe that someone like Ashwariya Rai and the Bachchan family would actually believe all this.

One thing I’d like to know is why does a girl born on Tuesday undergo all this. Why not the husband. Why don’t Hindus believe that a guy who is born on Tuesday will end up killing his first wife. Why are all these retarded customs against women. Why don’t men born on Tuesday go around marrying trees? If marriage to a tree is not enough, I read in the newspaper that a girl in Rajasthan was married to a dog in order to be purified, although she is free to marry any man. How does marriage to a dog purify?

Hindu marriages include the matching of Kundli and a Mahurat. If all this Kundli and Mahurat really worked wouldn’t Hindu marriages be the most successful on earth. There are a lot of successful Muslims and Christian marriages, which means that there was no Kundli or Mahurat, so why have these marriages been so successful?

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  1. You have written:”Girls born on Tuesday are called Manglik.” This is completely false. This depends on Position of Planet Mangal (Mars) in Horoscope and it is applicable to both boy and girl. For compatibility it is believed that both boy and girl either should be mangalik or neither of them should be mangalik.

    There are some workarounds if one of them is mangalik and it is to be done by mangalik person irrespective of Gender.

    Nobody knows about validity of this as Validity of any future telling astrology, palmistry, tarot etc. are not proven.

  2. Come on friends….thats a superstition and they know neither any country nor any religion.Even the most developed countries arent bereft of it.Its really embarassing however to see public figures like the Bacchans following these foolish rituals…but people are allowed to follow their own beleif as long as they dont hurt other people.Many young Indians no longer follow these rituals and n most cases people dont bother to force them.

  3. Yusha, is there a scientific reason for the mullah’s beleif that changing a person’s name will result in that person acquiring a new personality? Has any research been done on this?

  4. I do not comment normally at any ones believes for i know that sometimes there is alot we do not know. but sometimes things make us curious and we want to know reasons for their happneing. If anyone has a reply on the issue raised by this writer, do respond. specially our indian readers who often comment negatively on this forum.

  5. Yusha, can you tell me if changing the name of a child will change his or her behaviour? I want to know this because my nephew has a very hyperactive daughter, and the mullah has told him to change the child’s name to make her normal.


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