As the Valley Wept

It’s a haunting verse
It’s a luck which has deserted some
Life is a pernicious curse
Peace is what the sorrows deserve
A mountain with a dull Look
A shadow which is fixed in depth
This is when the valley wept
As bodies were swept
In the river so wet
Why are these nights so long?
In this atmosphere mothers mourns
It is a tragedy hard to comprehend
Is it s heinous vengeance?
To tarnish beauty of the land
When would rays touch the land of grief?
When would anguish be relieved?
Perhaps prayers are key to evade such fatigue
As a boy glances below his feet
A beautiful Stream enthrall his greed
But still the valley is in grief
As he feels the need
Two bodies come below his feet
He lunges in despair
But if his emotions were relevant
For Tyrannical Premiers
Kashmir would not be in despair

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