Art of sparkling the love again

Binding a wedlock is not as difficult as maintaining healthy the relationship among the spouses. It is an unpleasant fact that the first few years of marriage are only wonderful but the rest of the years just carry pain and sorrows with them. Spouses start complaining with each other on everything and get irritated even on the trifling affairs. The thing which lacks their relationship becomes “love” but why does this happen; no one is able to answer yet. Husband and wife both want to get out of this unpleasant situation but the trauma is that they do not find a way out of it.

Following are some suggestions to help the spouses in maintaining healthy relationship:

For Wives:

– Try to maintain your expenditure in budget and avoid unnecessary expenditure, as survey has suggested that 90% of the problems between husband and wife occur because of shortage of money.
– Keep your house clean.
– Complete your all the chores before your husband comes from the office; as he will want to spend some time with you alone.
– Get properly dressed especially when husband is about to come from the office.
– Try to cook different varieties of food rather than repeating the same menu as it has been proved that the ladies who cook well; are able to win the hearts of their husbands easily.
– Always speak with your husband in soft tone.
– Never demand anything when his stomach is empty.
– Try to understand the atmosphere especially in joint family, give due respect to all the in-laws and take into account their likes and dislikes and act according to their wishes rather than your imposing your own.
– If you want any opinion on any matter, take it from your in-laws rather than your family members.

For Husbands:

– Always appreciate your wife on the small chores which she do for you.
– Do not take the tensions of office in home.
– Do not shout at her; having any problem discuss with her like your friend.
– Make her realize that you still love her and your emotions and passion for her is as same as was on the day of the marriage.
– Always give importance to her opinion.
– Do not neglect her in the front of your family members, as she would then try to prevent you from mingling with your family members.
– Give her appropriate sum for house-hold expenditure keeping in mind inflation.
– Give her proper time and consideration, never neglect her.
– Do not forget wedding anniversaries, do not think that she would love only expensive gifts; she would even love the flowers which you bring for her; with love.

3 thoughts on “Art of sparkling the love again”

  1. its a fact that most of the guys including you think that a woman will only be happy if you buy her expensive gifts or spend too much money on her but the truth is a man only needs to make her feel special by taking care of her n showing her his genuine love n respect, if you think otherwise, then its your misconception!

  2. Some more things a husband must do:
    1. Give her a diamond ring every Eid day.
    2. Buy her a new car every six months.
    3. Transfer all his property to her.
    4. Work like a dog, slave like a donkey and cheat like a crook to make enough money to spend on her so she won’t complain to others that he’s not doing anything to make her happy.


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