Art of Flirting

the art of flirtingIn the era when music, dancing and painting are accepted as forms of art, I wonder whether flirting will be considered as an art too in the coming times.

Although not an expert but still I believe that this art also requires lots of practice, experience, lessons learnt and to some extent guidance as well. If we see the hub of this art, we will find it in colleges, universities and in some organizations too.

I would like to narrate here a discussion with one of friend who remained a big flirt of his time when his “Excel Sheet” used to count the affairs and names and details of his success stories. The discussion is here.

Me: How you find so easy to move flirting from one girl to another.

Professor Flirt: It’s easy as far as challenging, girls weak points are always common and it doesn’t take much effort, but yeah always different procedures needs to be adopted.

Me: What makes girl fall on you so easily?

Professor Flirt: Well, your appearance is although the 1st impression but it’s the least impacting, how you deal with her matters most, you have to make each one realize that you are for her from heart to soul.

Me: Your most of flirts are found to be in Pakistan, normally and traditionally, Pakistani girls are not seen as liberal as rest of the world, what you say about that?

Professor Flirt: Yes, you are right Pakistani girls possess a very conservative mind but when comes to science of flirting, this conservativeness becomes a flirt most powerful tool.

Me: How can?

Professor Flirt: You want me to open secrets here, Ok. See, in conservativeness a Pakistani women wishes a man for life, talking about the majority, when they stick to one man, they want to give her everything to him even at premature stages and it becomes the tool when the flirt makes her realize that he is her man for life.

Me: That amazing, have you came across female flirts in your experience?

Professor Flirt : Yeah, sometimes it does happen, it happens mostly when a women has been involved in some affairs from one man to another that makes her a flirt and I want to highlight here is that even a male flirt is not born flirt, a broken 1st love is always behind every man who become flirt.

Me: We have seen some lists of girls who you have been involved with; do you really feel proud of doing all that?

Professor Flirt: To be true, No, I am not happy, I have been cursed from people who came to know me sooner or later, and every flirt one day realize that he was at wrong path and had taken lots of insolence from people because of which a easy and satisfied life is not possible.

Me: Thank you very much professor

Professor Flirt: Thank You

That was our professor flirt, who in the end admitting that he was on the wrong path, but it’s a fact when people are on this path, they never look into its negative impacts. But one thing is for sure, if this art is taken up as a study in universities level say Bachelors or masters as Flirting sciences, then our jobless professor flirt will be on the position of Dean of that department soon.

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  1. Very Nice Mr. Subhani…. really loved ur blog…..
    seems like u have revealed a very true aspect of the reality.
    cant wait tp hear more from u… 🙂


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