Arrest Of Pakistani Students: Barbaric Crackdown By The British

As the events keep on unfolding regarding the arrest of 11 Pakistani students residing in Manchester, England, it has left numerous parents praying for the return of there loved ones. This desperate move comes after it has been clearly revealed that the British police has nabbed the students without any tangible evidence. A news reporter quoted a high ranking British intelligence officer saying that the students from the outlook seemed suspicious, living in groups and were seen photographing different places in UK.

Well, I am sure that this official has gone out of his mind, because the way they portrayed the crack down in British media, we were of the impression that may be Bin Laden was found hiding in there rooms. Having said this, they are officially placed without any charge. Yes, even in Britain they have the black justice. They can keep any person for 28 days without any charge. Of course in this category of “any” we find any Muslims.

But the real sad development is the fact, that our diplomatic staff in UK seems paralyzed. I say this for the fact that they failed to secure access to the detained students. In Britain, we have nearly 1 million Pakistanis and in total 2 million Muslims. This has been a real shock to the masses in UK. But in recent years, Muslims and especially Pakistanis have made deep inroads into British political system. We have seen guys like Lord Nazir and Minister Sideeq there. But its a testing time for them, as they have to defend.

Britain was always thought to be a safe spot for Pakistani students. This development will effect the mind set of many in Pakistan. British press, whatever they think, will try to link them with Al Qaeda leader Khalid Rauf or some one else. They also launched a staunch campaign earlier on Pakistanis after the 7/7 attacks in London. To the high ups, it is requested to immediately take up this matter, because it is a part of a grand effort by our enemies to isolate Pakistan in any way possible. We in Pakistan pray for the safe release of our brothers.

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