Army of Riggers

“Government officials are servants of people, not the rulers of the country.” This was said by our dear Quaid-e-Azam. We only love Quaid on the greenbacks, or we love him when he comes handy in our needs of quotations or he is frequently utilized in our speeches.

Government officials in Pakistan are one hell of idiots and brutes. Period. OK, I would take it easy and say majority of them, but I won’t settle for any less. Added to that, the present regime (I don’t think caretaker setup is any different from the so-called previous PML-Q fiasco) has introduced the devolution of power to the grass root level, and has blessed us with the curse of Nazims and Naib Nazims.

These all Nazims and Naib Nazims are nothing but a scourge. Go to any constituency, and you will yourself know that nothing has been changed. Now things have turn more ugly. If you ask from an MNA or MPA about the dismal plight of area, he would just shrug and would say it’s the task of local government, and the local government would throw the ball back into the court of MNA.

Now as the elections are looming large, these Nazims are doing all the donkey work for the candidates of PML-Q and MQM. All the state machinery and state personnel are being ruthlessly used for canvassing of lotas. They are not only using the resources but also distributing the funds outrightly among their sidekicks to prepare an army of riggers.

In these circumstances, who could expect a free and fair elections?

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