Are You Fast Food Junkie?

Heart attacks at the age of 25 are not exceptional now. Diabetes is no more an old age malady. Hospitals are crammed with cancer patients. Depression, insomnia, mood and mind aberrations are in-vogue diseases. Surely tribute goes to the new world order that has accreted our eternal lives. Increasing addiction to junk food is another sprig of this hurried-life (which itself is hatched by new world order) and a no-way-ignorable cause of mental and physical sufferings.

Junk food includes foods that taste good, are high in sugar and calories (such as soft drinks, preserved juices, candy, ice cream and most pastries) and fat (particularly, saturated fat such as burgers, pizza, french fries and most fried foods). These foods have little nutritional value and cannot fulfill the body’s demand of certain vitamins and minerals. Resultantly its immune system__ to fight off toxins and diseased cells__ impaired causing health complications mentioned above in very early age.

And ‘not surprisingly’ we know the obstructive implications of junk food. But ‘surprisingly’ we continue to consume it anyway. And again ‘not surprisingly’ we know ‘why.’ Partly, we have grown too convenient over time. Partly, we are entangled by food marketers’ advertisements. Partly, we have developed the habit of imitating others. Partly, we eat to satisfy taste buds rather body.

And utterly we obligate a halt to it. We need to teach our younger ones to eat nutritious food and they will not leave the pattern when they get older. For us, we should not eat just for the sake of eating but to relish the immense blessings of Allah Almighty, to pay the rights, which our bodies have on us.

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