Are we “too independent”?

In the ever-changing landscape of our lives, we see that women today have many more options and acquire many more skills than women did 50 years ago. She is confident, self-assured, ambitious, and focused and exists as an INDEPENDENT entity. She does has dreams of her own and knows how to fulfill them. But this independency has become a subject of controversy too because traditional roles of women are being declined. I think it’s also a byproduct of our conservative culture, where traditional roles are upheld. Also, independent women seem little intimidating because they can handle career, leadership, ambition, assertiveness, and the like, without men. That’s why many men interpret “independent” to mean “I don’t need anyone but myself.” May be because it’s much more difficult to say, “I’m uncomfortable with this woman because she makes me feel unneeded and useless.” One of men’s biggest needs is to be admired and respected by their spouse. And that feels a lot harder to achieve if she has all the abilities herself. Usually, in our society, men are told they are supposed to be the leader; but it’s difficult to feel like a leader if the woman’s skills and abilities exceed theirs.

I think it’s important that woman and man both mold their lives to fit each other’s rather than expecting a woman to mold her life to fit her husband’s. I think a strong relationship has to come from two independently strong individuals who are in a relationship for all the right reasons; people who are strong enough to communicate honestly, admit their fears to one another, have the inner strength to accept the faults of the other, and be able to forgive when needed.

As H. MOORE has said:

It has a life of its own, independent of the object it represents.

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