Are we “artificially” intelligent?

An ‘artificially intelligent’ machine has a simulator attached to it that stimulates neurons (basically, these are bunch of silicon atoms use to function as neurons). The simulation determines which inputs the machine receive and outputs are generated by a hard-coded process. This is how the machine works:

Humans or Simulator -> Input ———-> Process (hard-coded) ———-> Output
Thus, an ‘intelligent’ machine THINKS that it thinks …. artificial intelligence … a simulation within a simulation. Isn’t that how human brain works? ….connected to some sort of a giant simulator that generates simulations of “world”? Isn’t that the inputs we receive are all pre-determined?

How is that almost 4 billion people think along the same lines? … and consider the same basic things wrong? hard-coded? What’s wrong, and what’s right has been all hard-wired in our brains. So, human thought is basically, a set of stimuli made to simulate active thought. We “think” that we think but do we, really? And here we are .. the simulation of active thought within a simulation of “surroundings”.    

Artificial Intelligence is, therefore, a bunch of humans trying to come up with a decision of sorts. ” Intelligence ” is, a human being identifying a TABLE for what it is .. a table. And what makes them realize that it is, indeed, a table?

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