Appeasing the Agressor

I would say that I am somewhat in a state of shock this morning. Nearly all our papers have carried out news regarding a warning, issued by our top intelligence circles. This time around, they have warned that a plan has been unearthed to rock Pakistan, of course by “RAW”, to carry out a coordinated attack on the life of people’s CJ, Iftikhar Chaudhry. The warning is serious, as it has gone a mile further. According to the details, around 20 Uzbeks have reached the suburbs for this reason, and above all local help, readily available via Baitullah and other alike, is already on its way. Now for a reminder, a same warning directly naming RAW as the culprit behind the recent attacks were issued by our agencies. We have seen the implication of the previous two attacks, but this time the cost and stakes are pretty severe.

Though the above stated information carries immense weightage, my point is not this. I am here to review our policy toward India, especially after General Musharraf took over the reigns of power. Our leaders have greatly let down this brave nation, by going totally against there wishes. We all want a peaceful relation with India, but only if it also desires so. The mindset of Indians is very clear, that they had, now and will always take us as an enemy. Just watch the Mumbai attacks. What happened was unfortunate, but the point to notify here is that, Indian national polls revealed that 70% Indians wanted an attack over Pakistan. If on a false and baseless incident like Mumbai, Indians can rally the world opinion on its side, its simply disgusting why Pakistani policy makers are holding the clues and evidences close to themselves. God knows what they are waiting for. I believe that the Pakistani nation has had enough, its time that we should tell New Delhi that it will be on equal terms.

We have terrible examples from the past. Where our Minister Ansar Burni proudly paraded a spy, Kashmir Singh around Lahore, India responded by sending our prisoners, dead. Clearly, there bodies were drilled and burnt, but no body from the establishment raised a voice. Where we have stick to the 1960 Indus Water Treaty, India has built Baglihar Dam illegally, and recent reports reveal that another 11 such dams are in pipeline. Where our leaders proudly declared Kashmiri freedom fighters as terrorists, the Indians made there grip firm by brutal means not only in Kashmir, but has also set half of Pakistan on fire (support to elements in Tribal Areas).

Lenin once described International interaction in this manner, Trust is Good, Control is Better.

This is what we have to understand. Else it is only an appeasement, and history is there than an aggressor can never be appeased.

3 thoughts on “Appeasing the Agressor”

  1. My dear,
    Its hope and awareness we are spreading, atleast we are not backed by any one. But to call a wrong, right, atleast I am unable to justify. Its crystal clear how the things are done, and how our reluctant attitude has isolated us, so its the need of the time to come out with the truth.
    If that is not the case, than basically we are supporting the proganda of West, who go all out to claim that its none other than the elements within us, who are harbouring these terrorists.

  2. We cant blame over this situation to just only RAW and establishment. Its easy to start blame game like India did after Mumbai attacks and now we are starting it. The current situation inside Pakistan is not stable we are unable to hold peace in tribal areas no one is trying to solve the matter but only blaming each other. If people like you and me behave like pessimists the nations moral is will be declined. We must try to give them some hope and There are such elements within us who are helping RAW or others otherwise no one can dare to enter ones territory and start destruction. We have to be united and optimistic and create awareness in people about them. When we blame the Government or establishment we forget that they are elected by us so now why we are crying over split milk. Unity is the requirement .


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