Appeal to Pakistan

Let’s accept all that’s happening wrong with the country by the countrymen. This article is not about blaming or accusing any one, this article is about accepting the responsibility.

Let’s ask a small question to our self individually, situation of the country is getting worst day by day, economy, health, education etc. no system seems to be getting into the position of improvement, Ok? We agree that everything getting worst day by day, question is who will bring a change, should we wait for any holy revolution? Should we wait for any other country to give us the system or something like that? Answer is simple no, it has to be us to bring the change, sooner we realize, and the better it is. We have to evaluate our self, just took a small step towards anything which we think can bring a change, remember we never look to bring major change, just a start, just a first flight, without any worry in mind of falling.

I want everyone here including me to take one step, a minor step that can result into any small contribution to the society. Remember we don’t need to wait for the politicians, army or anyone else to take this step. We, Pakistani people have all the strengths & abilities to prove our self.

My this article is an appeal to all you good people to suggest me any single step which we can all work upon towards improvement of education, economy & health of the poor people of Pakistan. Let’s see what potential each of us have to improve the situation of the country.

For all the people I shall be highly obliged if each reader drop a single suggestion. We are sure that we can together make a difference, our aims are high but achievable & all needs one flight to go.

4 thoughts on “Appeal to Pakistan”

  1. I agree with the comments of Mr. Musa. But this is a general approach. The thing is that everyone in Pakistan have almost the same thoughts but inspite of this why we are facing a lot of problems today. There is definitly something that should be focus. I think as a first step for the development of our country first we should behave just like a role model with our actions then we should contribute in our society especially in the field of education. I have seen that we have lot of words but nothing in actions moreover if we have some actions those are only for our own life not for our weak persons of the society. When we ignore our society then inturn society will also ignore us.

  2. i believe all we need is to follow the path about which allah and our prophet (SAW) told us to follow and should have a firm belief on allah.we should do kushish and tawakul and thats what all we can do

  3. Thats right.. i m sure a single response from any one could be the 1st step…
    right now .. wat we can think to improve?
    do we have any suggestion regarding this?

  4. I think this is the right point where we should do something..i mean everyone has the moral duty to payback not only his family, friends but also to the whole society where he is living. This is some sort of cyclic process when we will do for others then definitly others will do back for ourself. So in return we shall get the actural benefit. This is the natural thing.


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