Appalled Jinnah

I agree that instead of writing blog posts, attending the talk shows, rallying with the elite with placards in the hands, one should implement the true ideology of the Quaid. We must not frame one more obnoxious and hypocrite display of our collective apathy on this day.

Our government is just like us, or are we like them? The government has decided to celebrate the 132nd birthday of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah today (December 25) in a befitting manner by holding different ceremonies across the country. Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television, Pakistan National Council of Arts and the Urdu Academy, all have decided to hold some programs of different nature on the similar theme. While they will telecast those programs, people will sleep or watch any Indian movies.

On this day, each year, the man who founded Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah is remembered and the nation celebrates the holiday. The government has announced public holiday on December 25 and the national flag would be hoisted atop all principal government buildings across the country. People will get up late, eat a lavish meal and then curse the load shedding and the price hike and then watch TV.

Had today Jinnah been here, he would be appalled, shocked and utterly dismayed over the state of the affairs in the country, which he founded miraculously.

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  1. i believe tht we have other issues piled up before us as a nation to solve and look into than actually implementing jinnah’s ideolgy.we are far from abt putting jinnah’s ideology into gear.first we must clean up the mess stacked before us then we must remove our politicians(who are a burden on pakistan ;be it an office chair…salary…people of pakistan or the politicla system itself)they are beasts of greed .they are here for their personal benefits only..and i am absolutely hopeless abt them. Allah please let honest and hard working patriots be in charge.amen


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