ANP Splits with PPP

NWFP Senior Minister Bashir Ahmed Bilour has clearly shown his party’s disapproval with the happenings in regard of war on terror in the settled and the tribal areas of the NWFP, and he has said the federal government had carried out the Bara operation and the provincial government had nothing to do with that.

While a full blown battle is going on the Hangu area of the NWFP, things are also alarming in other areas of the province. More than two dozen officials of Frontier Constabulary have been killed in the Doaba Hangu in an ambush by the Talibans, and a fierce battle is going on, and now security forces are using gunship helicopters and morter shells with cannon fire to quash the Taliban resistance.

It’s the need of the hour that the federal government must take the provincial government of NWFP and also of Balochistan government in confidence, and they should mutually resolve the issues, because otherwise everyone would remain clueless and the strife would get more worst.

The current crisis demands that the leaders of national and provincial level should show maturity and they should adopt the way to resolve issues and internal disputes through mutual understating rather than dictatorial style of just passing on the orders.

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