Another Youm-e-Takbeer

Ten years on, we have once again started to celebrate or more appropriately commemorate the anniversary of nuclear tests of first Muslim country in the world ever. It was the day of great achievement without any doubt, and it really rendered a unique chance for us to become salient in the clusters of the nation.

Though Asif Ali Zardari says that Pakistan is not that important and America doesn’t care about us, and Pervez Musharraf says that Pakistan doesn’t deserve true democracy and free speech and other modern notions, but the thing is that this nation has got huge potential.

In their animosity towards Nawaz Sharif, the general in Presidency has even diminished the importance of the nukes. It goes beyond doubt that this nuclear blasts have strengthened our defense and has shut the mouth of belligerent India and even the international powers. They now think hundreds times before doing anything to Pakistan.

Every successive leader of Pakistan has got his share of contribution in the preparation of these devices, not we have to sustain it.

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