Another Road Caved-in

dr ziauddin ahmad road caved in Karachi, Post-Rain: A portion of Dr. Ziaudin Ahmad Road cave in on Thursday.

An underground main sewer was not functioning properly and sewage had been leaking, which weakened the road and it eventually caved in when a truck, full of newsprint, was passing over it. As the truck lurched on it’s side the cargo fell on a van, damaging it seriously. Although, the passengers were fortunate enough to have minor injuries.

According to the DAWN, The civic agency staff is now constructing manholes in the sewer running below the road to keep it fully operational, and the repair work is expected to be completed in a few days.

It also transpired that a plan to replace an old sewer, from Pakistan Chowk to a pumping station behind the PIDC House, has been put into doldrums as permission has been denied for closure of this busy road.

As the project is being delayed, the huge cement pipes put up on the footpath of Dr Ziauddin Ahmad Road from

Supreme Court Mosque to the Law College crossroads, are causing problems to pedestrians who are forced to walk on the road.

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