Another Pretext for US

Afghan Taliban defence minister, Maulvi Obaidullah’s house in Bajour Agency was targeted by a United States Predator Drone, in which the family members of Maulvi Obaidullah including ladies and children are thought to be dead. The most prominent death in this attack was of an al-Qaeda trainer and explosives specialist Abu Suleiman al-Jazairi.

The war on terror has been going on without any change in the policy, and the policy of Pervez Musharraf is still being carried out. The death of Abu Suleiman al-Jazairi gives more excuses to United States and NATO forces to attack more in the FATA area of Pakistan, and that gives them pleas to defame Pakistan more, and that would only result in the instability and uncertainty in the country.

On the death of Abu Suleiman al-Jazairi, CIA chief Michael Hayden has said that it’s a huge success and they would now intensify their attacks. Does that shake us from our slumber?

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