Another Mistake By Zardari?

Things are not too well under the strange rule of the Pakistan People’s Party. The argument that we have just transitioned from the military dictatorship to the civilian dictatorship seems to hold the water, and now there is nothing which defies that argument and the way things are being handled and run within and outside the country are converging on the same joint of the Aiwan-e-Sadar.

Strategic mistakes are being committed during the tenure of President Asif Ali Zardari which may cost Pakistan dearly, but hardly anyone in the presidential camp is prepared to own these mistakes, some deliberate and some not. These mistakes range from the economy to the law and order to the reconciliation to the foreign affairs to the interior affairs, and one cannot ignore the dismal plight of health and education.

Now President Asif Ali Zardari has admitted that India is not a threat to Pakistan and described the “militants” operating in Jammu and Kashmir as terrorists.

Is that a mistake?

1 thought on “Another Mistake By Zardari?”

  1. WOW … what else did you really expect. If he could get get away with making a statement like, THE WORLD IS A SAFER PLACE BECAUSE OF MR BUSH, i guess he can get away with this too. These high headed democratic buggers, do not understand an iota of what foreign policy and unfortunately are the custodians of governance. This is only the beginning of the grand errors to come. The existence of Pakistan is not under threat from terrorism, law and order sit or economic strangulation. It is purely under threat from this government. Thank you the people of pakistan for allowing once again, these tested and tried criminals to rule this country and hence make a serve mockery out of the entire system. I once interacted with one of the ministers of this govt….. His words exactly, once i asked him what was going on in the country were ” We have absolutely no clue”. Trust me, i am not making this up. The power crisis remains unresolved. The law and order is in shambles. The economy is going down the drain. The tribal areas are beyond control. But these so called democratic leaders of the country are least bothered about it. As of now, the only concern of this govt is how to topple Punjab govt of PML(N) and just how to remain in power. Pakistan and people of Pakistan come last in the priority of these people.
    It is not that Mr Zardari has changed after becoming the President. It is just that he has been EXPOSED. This is true worth. A CHARRA BADMAASH of Sindh, has been made to sit on the top of the country. Whatelse do you expect but irresponsible statements from such an incompetent person. Thank you Mr Zardari for driving another nail in Pakistan’s coffin. I am sure it is not the last. But most of all … Thank you people of Pakistan for making HIM happen. We deserve it:D


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