Another Gory Act of Terror in Karachi

Security officer of Bilawal House Karachi Khalid Shanshah has been killed in a firing incident. Khalid Shanshah sustained severe bullet wounds when unknown persons opened fire on him in Defence area. He was shifted to Ziauddin Hospital where he sccumbed to injuries.

Just a month ago, a PML-N leader was shot dead in Karachi, and he was also the victim of some unidentified gunmen, who shot him and ran. Before that some lawyers were burned down alive when some unidentified gunmen enclosed them in a building and then set the building on fire through chemicals.

Karachi’s volatile situation has become even more grim, and the recent successive serial seven bomb blasts in the city have still to be forgotten by the people, and now this recent gruesome act of violence has thrown the people into despair and terror. Now it’s up to the Qaim Ali Shah’s administration in Karachi to speedily arrest the criminals and execute them in an exemplary fashion.

Because the incidents of 12th May and the burning of lawyers have gone unpunished in Karachi, that is why people deem it danger-less to do such gory acts of barbarism.

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