Another Friend of Zardari

After inducting every friend and relative into the cabinet, bureaucracy and other higher posts at the federal and provincial level, President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari has all set to appoint one other friend, a very close buddy, to a very lucrative post in Sindh.

Federal Law Secretary Justice Agha Rafiq Ahmed is likely to be appointed as the chief justice of the Sindh High Court (SHC) after he has been accorded back date seniority from 1995. Justice Agha Rafiq Ahmed is one of the unique judges who has been given back date seniority of over a decade. He is the only judge who has got such a huge bonus and he is all set to earn the booty with the NRO blessed president.

The National Reconciliation Ordinance has really proved a blessing for some people in Pakistan and the people like Justice Agha Rafiq Ahmed and advisor on interior affairs to the prime minister must be very thankful to the USA and to the former dictator Musharraf, as it has given them a new lush life.

There are also reports that Justice Agha Rafiq Ahmed could become the chief justice very speedily in the place of Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar shortly after becoming chief justice of the Sindh High Court.

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