Another Democratic Scam!

Democratic scam and corruption in Pakistan

For well over two and a half years, Pakistanis, 180 million in all have heard night and day the story of good governance and unmatched democratic setup. Team Gillani has claimed their success in every possible sector in their own “book of appreciation”, but sadly it’s the common man which is living in a “mental plus social grinder”. Every passing minute adds a new page into their book of misery, and to add more fuel to this already blazing fire the relief is no where to be seen.

The tagline of “corruption” is one thing they have promised not to eradicate. From Steel Mill to NIC or let it be the relief mechanism for flood victims of Pakistan, every where you look around proves a new misdeed.  

Having said this, they have not spared even Hajj from their jurisdiction of corruption. Even before the holy pilgrims reached the holy kingdom, news were all around regarding the massive management done by the present regime in this regard. Instead of subsidizing this noble task, in last few years this religious practice has become a far cry thanks to the policies of our leadership. In addition the arrangements made by the concerned Ministry of Religious Affairs have proved disastrous.

It has been reported that Pakistani pilgrims have been housed kilometers away from Kaaba while multi storey apartments with inadequate facilities have proved a night mare for Hajis. The magnitude of mismanagement and corruption by our honourable executives was so immense that a Saudi Prince had to write this ordeal to the honourable CJ Iftikhar for review. In his letter it is reported that the Prince has revealed how the concerned authority declined cheap allotted housing close to Kaaba for much higher bids in far off places. Instead of investigating, they found it more important to unveil that the letter was never written by the Prince…….great!!.

With complaints pouring in from every direction, an inquiry has started but we are damn sure that the end result will be another case gone with the wind. CJ Iftikhar has closed his eyes from all these affairs taking place in broad day light whereas NAB is just another tool in their arsenal to see off their crimes. Common man of Pakistan has been bombarded with price hike so intensely that they all have decided to just struggle for their survival. On the other hand whenever media brings out a case against this ongoing marathon on corruption, all we hear to their credit are claims of being anti Pakistan agents and a threat to democracy and the prevailing system. Conditions have turned from bad to worse and unfortunately relief is no where to be seen. While Taliban is busy with their bloody terrorism all across Pakistan, our white collar executives have unleashed a flood of “state terrorism” on the nation in the form of corruption.

Lets see how long we survive in this never ending cycle of injustice and corruption!!!

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