Angoor Adda: US led NATO Forces launch first ground attack in Pakistan

Allegedly Pakistan on Wednesday summoned the United States Ambassador Anne W Patterson in the Foreign Office here to lodge a protest over Angoor Adda incident. Now it’s not really clear as Pakistani authorities lashed at the Patterson or Anne dear spewed venom at the Pakistani authorities for not giving enough blood to spill in Angoor Adda.

Anne Dubya Patterson has got lots of loads in her guts as she is servicing her country in these times, and she must be enjoying her viceroy time here in this Banana Colony. United States-led North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) forces killed 15 tribesmen, including women and children, in its first-ever ground operation inside Pakistani territory, and Anne was recalcitrant about it.

Though the warplanes, drones and gunship helicopters under the use of allied forces stationed in Afghanistan take leisure flights daily in Pakistan and every after some flights they test fire their missiles on the tribes, this was the first ever ground attack by US forces, and Anne should go and distribute medals in her marines and also give one or two to our authorities also, as the security forces claimed to have killed about 30 militants and wounded another 35 in a ground assault backed by gunship helicopters in the militants-infested Koza Bandai area of volatile Swat Valley.

I am still waiting for the grand statements by our great grand Rehman Malik.

4 thoughts on “Angoor Adda: US led NATO Forces launch first ground attack in Pakistan”

  1. More of such locations in Pakistan should be bombed. They are breeding factories for Jehadis all across the world.

    If there was no US, these buggers would be running amok round the world killing people and trying to impose their prehistoric morals and religious beliefs.

    Way to go America. Kill each and every one of them. They have become a pest to the world.


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