Angels and Demons – Dan Brown

After reading this Dan Brown ‘s best-seller, I can’t agree more with New York Times that Dan Brown gives a crash course in art history and the Catholic Church . This times he takes you to the heart of Roman Catholic — The Vatican City. He reveals some articulate facts about an ancient organization ” Illuminati ” and the world’s largest scientific research centre — CERN .

The story is about a Harvard Professor Robert Langdon (yes, same old Langdon) who is summoned to identify a mysterious symbol that is seared onto the chest of a world renowned scientist, who is found brutally murdered at his residence at CERN. The Professor concludes that it is the work of a secret brotherhood, Illuminati, that was assumed to be defunct for nearly four hundred years – now reincarnated to continue their vendetta against their sworn enemy, the Catholic.

In Rome, old pope has died and cardinals from all over the world gather to elect a new pope. Yet somewhere within the walls of the Vatican city, lies a ticking bomb of dreadful power that counts down to oblivion. While the hands of the clock move, Langdon along with Vittoria Vetta, an intellectual Italian scientist at CERN, set off to decipher the trail of ancient symbols that spread across Rome and lead to the long-forgotten Illuminati lair, a secret meeting place wherein lies the only clue for saving the Vatican.

As they continue, they find out more clues and twists, revelations and turns, that shake their confidence and they learn that this mystery could be a danger to both of them.

This book has an enticing title. And it lives up to it. This book hooks you in with a catchy beginning and captivates you till the very end. Besides, exciting and thrilling plot, the writer has eloquently described the ancient acrchitecture of Rome leaving you replenished with the artworks of Michelangelo , symbolic sculptures of Bernini , and altarpieces of Raphael . An awesome book that gives you a simultaneous divine and human experience. A must read!

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