Analyzing Psychy…

Psychoanalysis is a method for the investigation of mental processes, inaccessible by other means. It is also applied to the study of social, cultural, and religious phenomena

Basically it is a technique of psychotherapy that seeks to discover connections among the unconscious components of patients’ mental processes. Some commonly used techniques to carry out the psychoanalysis…


1 The basic method is to keep the patent in a relaxed posture and then directed to say whatever comes to mind. Dreams, hopes, wishes, and fantasies are of interest, as are recollections of early family life. Generally the analyst simply listens, making comments only when he/she has professional judgment on part of the patient . The analyst asks that the patient speak with utter honesty about whatever comes to awareness while interpreting the patterns and inhibitions that appear in the patient’s speech and other behavior
2 Interpretation of dreams is also an exciting field of psychoanalysis. It is a tool aiding in the discovery of psychic contents – repressed emotions and aspirations, obstructed instinct drives within the unconscious mind.

Some more recent forms of psychoanalysis seek to help patients gain self-esteem through:

  • Greater trust of the self,
  • Overcome the fear of death and its effects on current behavior,
  • Maintain several relationships that appear to be incompatible.

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