Analyze your Personality…

What do you usually draw in your leisure time?

If you draw animals or birds, it means you are able to reach the bottom of a matter quickly.

If you draw squares, it means you are logical and can control your emotions.

If you draw boats, this means you want a free and adventurous life.

If you draw circles, this means you have the habit of building castles in the air.

If you make stairs, you are too much a desirous person.

If you draw flowers, it means you feel lonely.

If you fill the empty space in the alphabets, it means you are weak in making decisions.

If you draw human features as nose, lips or eyes, it means you have the ability to enjoy beautiful things.

If you draw trees, it means your father personality.

If you draw house, it represents your mother’s personality.

If you draw clouds, it means you are confused in making decisions.

If you draw the picture of a child, it means you enjoy your childhood.

If you draw the picture of a young man, this means you like your youth.

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