Analogy of the human being

I have observed a few analogies through which one can understand the relationships among some terms that are ‘not easy to understand’. One is of the mind, body and soul.

Body =  Hardware

Mind = Software

Soul = User

The hardware of a computer system cannot work until it is operated upon by software. The software controls all operations and is responsible for the efficient use of the hardware. This is very similar to the mind controlling the body. If a virus attacks a computer system, it affects the operating system which in turn has harmful effects on the hardware. In our reality, a corrupt mind projects a malfunctioning body. The user can see the hardware only, yet it uses the (invisible) software to run the system, the more a user knows the software, the better he can work with the system. Similarly, the soul uses the mind to control the body; it uses the whole system to create a reality in order to have desired experiences.

Furthermore, just as we have software developers or programmers that create different programs to control the same (type of) system, all souls can organized their minds to have more effectiveness in their purpose. As we go deeper, this analogy becomes more and more accurate. Ponder on.

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