An urgent appeal for Swat IDPs

IDPs at camps

Refugees International Urgently appeals for help as humanitarian groups face severe shortages of essentials like food, water and medicine while working in a very dangerous environment at IDP camps.

Among 2.5 millions internally displced families of Swat and Malakand, the situation for some families has turned so tragic that they began to sell everything in their possession. According to an official

“we are seeing increased cases of trafficking; families that have lost everything are selling their children to be able to survive.”

They had set a target to raise $10,000 to bring the voices of displaced Pakistanis to the media and policymakers before World Refugee Day on June 20. You can be a part of this campaign.

Displaced families are piling together into tiny homes, desperate to survive but unable to access emergency aid. Help Refugees International to generate lifesaving resources to aid the innocent victims of this conflict.

Image: REUTERS/ Adrees Latif, courtesy

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