An Open Question

Preparations are in full swing for celebrating 59th Independence Day in Pakistan tomorrow, August-14. People of all ages are engaged to give final touches to their programmes to mark the occasion in a befitting manner. In this regard, all the government, semi-government and private buildings as well as houses have been colorfully decorated with buntings and other decorations.

Along with the aged ones, youngsters, irrespective of gender have installed Pakistani flags at their vehicles, bicycles, houses and buildings, markets also decorated illuminated with multi-colored lights. Stalls have been erected everywhere in markets, streets, corners stocked with colorful badges, ribbons arousing spirit of patriotism and shopping of these accessories invoking memories of Independence Day is on rise on the eve of auspicious occasion.

Preparations had also been given final touches to hold various programmes, including seminars and many other functions on the Day to commemorate the historic significance of the day when the Muslims of the sub-continent under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam struggled for their independence and ultimately succeeded in carving out a separate state on the map of the world.

Educational institutions have also chalked out plans to hold special programmes to mark the day, and to create awareness among the young generation about their motherland. Special prayers would be offered for the prosperity and progress of the country. Flag hoisting ceremonies would be held in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan and simultaneously at provincial headquarters Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta.

All seems to have been donned. But I am feeling the wind of soullessness whirling around. Every year, in the evening of 14th August we wrap down our flags and put them in the corner of boxes, placed in the storerooms. Every year, we do the same with our feelings of patriotism. We, who illuminate whole country, are unable to afire one candle of determination — determination of devotedness — in Pakistani chamber of our hearts.

Are you feeling the same? If yes, then what should be done? What more — more than fire cracking, illumination — is required?

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