An Earnest Appeal

Issues are what constitutes the current affairs of any country, as is the case with other developing countries, Pakistan has also got some issues, but unfortunately these issues are always destructive and very very few of them are constructive. Every popping issue is either used as to derogate the opposition or opposition utilizes issues to degrade the ruling party.

Nowadays the hottest issue among others is the inactive chief justice of Pakistan. Whenever supreme judicial council meets to hear the case, the whole of Islamabad and some parts of every city of Pakistan become hostage to processions and protests. At some places these protests turn violent, which ultimately harm the poor.

Strikes, ransom, protest, road block, tyre burning and things like these do little to support the whatever cause, and in essence they torment the common people. The day on which the case is heard in the Supreme Court, becomes a daylight nightmare for office and school goers. Shoppers and patients also suffer in their place.

It is appealed to supreme judicial council to convene its meeting on Sunday or at midnight to save the people from lots of trouble and misery.

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