American Presence in Pakistan. A Bad Omen Indeed

Well they say guests are a blessing, and they need to be hosted with all the dignity. I agree. But if you have guests in the shape of Richard Holbrooke and Gen Mullen. Yes, exactly the two gentlemen from Uncle Sam, who were here yesterday.

Previously, if your memory can scroll a bit deep, we had Richard Boucher. Whenever he used to pay a visit, unfortunately “misery” was the following drama.

This time around, it has been rumored that the two gents were here to dismantle the forth coming signing of the Swat Peace Agreement by President Zardari. Certain events in the last few weeks are also pointing in that direction. It was Mr President who showed reservation last month during an interview, that triggered strong reaction from the militants out there.

This on one side, the increasing attacks in Punjab and the rest of the provinces have raised many eyebrows.

Being a part of grass root domestic society, the sentiments among ordinary Pakistanis is really flared up. I am not here to defend either Mr Sufi Mohammad and Maulana Fazalullah, but some times one has to make tough decisions.

Like many, I have strong reservations on the deal, but at least in the last 1 month it has demonstrated that for the time being, the peace in Swat greatly depend on them. Secondly Baitullah Mehsud, the main culprit has no direct link with the forces of Taliban in Swat.

My point here is to, make our establishment aware of the fact, that its us who should matter to them, not any foreign master. Americans, I don’t find the exact words, care for none. Roaming on our land with so arrogance, they have no care for our sentiments. Our main demand to halt the predator strikes fell on deaf ears, and no progress was made in this regards. They are bent on destroying the very foundations on which we stand.

As I always emphasize in case of Swat especially, the forces of Taliban have succeeded because they had immense public support. So as long as the people of Swat dont want a change, our action will only be translated as intervention.

This is a highly critical situation, and has to be settled in a precise manner, which is national consensus.

May Allah Bless our Pakistan


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