Ameer Khusro

Ameer Khusro was an ardent devotee of Khawaja Nizam ud Din Aulia. Khawaja was also passionate about Khusro.

Sitting by the river bank, Khawaja and Ameer Khusro were observing Hindu worship rites and the way they were taking their ritual bath. Khawaja pointed out to them and analysed, “Every one has his own orientations and everyone observes the rituals thinking them the right way. Khawaja’s head covering was tilted at that time. “I have fixed my bearing in the direction of your head band,” passionately answered Khusro looking at Khawaja’s tilted turban.

Mughal King Jehangir in his memories narrates an episode: Qavval (chorister) were inciting Kuusro’s (above quoted) verse immersed in spirits during one of the qavvali (mystic chores singing) sessions. Jehangir asked Mullah Ali Ahmad Mehrkun about the background of this verse who gave him the forgoing details. While explaining Mullah himself went in to a trance and eventually fell unconscious.

When the attendees touched him, he had already breathed his last breath.

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  1. THE great Saint Hazrat Ameer Khusro Narrated Qissa-e-Char Darvesh 700 years ago.
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