Also Think About Dr. Qadeer

National Nuclear Hero and the icon of Pakistan Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has once again admitted into Al-Shifa International Hospital, where he was checked up for the heart and blood pressure. After the treatment he was once again sent to the jail, which is his home.

This is the third time that he has been admitted in the hospital this month. Dr. Qadeer is our hero, and the achievement he has made to strengthen the defense of the country can never be undermined or forgotten. He has done what would be remembered for ever by the posterity, and he will always be remembered by the lovers of this country.

Due to the behaviour of our rulers, he has been through very tough times which are still very much in place. His health is deteriorating, and his cancer is getting aggravated. I am not saying that new government should make him the President, but at least release him like Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary with full security.

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