All Are Not Terrorists Here

The Mumbai terror attacks have provided an excellent chance to the United States to pressurize the crumbling Pakistan more. They seem to have forgotten all the sacrifices of their favorite ally in the war against terror and in the love of their friend India, they are now demanding the heads of ISI officials from Pakistan. Washington’s move to include the names of ex-ISI officials in the list of international terrorist through UN’s Security Council is very dangerous and must be dealt with iron hands.

Pakistan has promised US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that it would take strong action against anyone on its territory found to have been involved in the Mumbai attacks. President Asif Ali Zardari has also told the top US diplomat, on a lightning visit to Islamabad, he was determined that Pakistan would not be used to orchestrate attacks or shelter terrorists such as those who committed last week’s outrage, as was reported by media.

But US wants “More” from Pakistan as usual. This More Syndrome has really blown Pakistan away. United States is continuously urging and directing Islamabad to provide unequivocal assistance to India and should be seen acting sincerely and quickly. Pakistan has condemned the Mumbai attacks in the strongest terms and has offered its full cooperation to the Indian government in investigation.

What else they want?

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