Alive to FATA

It hardly is visible as the present government were really alive to the sufferings of the people of Bajaur and Swat districts due to growing insurgency and military operation to control lawlessness, because there is no sense of urgency and there is no relief announced for the hapless people, and even the internally displaced people are being rendered no relief and just some of the leaders are handing over lip service.

While the miseries of the common people mount in the FATA and nowadays especially in the Bajour and Waziristan Agency, the fighting between the militants and the government forces is on all time high. Security forces claimed to have killed 64 militants in an intensified operation in various parts of the troubled Bajaur Agency, as the locals continued shifting to safer places like Mardan and near Attock.

Loi Jowar, Tangi, and Charmang areas are the strongholds of the militants in the Bajour Agency, and now they are being controlled by the security forces and also the Khar area is also being taken over by the military and that is very relieving, but this Pakistani authorities must make sure that they establish a lasting writ in the area.

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