Alarming Zardari and His Coterie

Punjab Governor Salman Taseer is having his days in the sun after the most condemnable governor raj in the history of Pakistan. He, Dogar and their mentor Asif Ali Zardari, who is also a convicted criminal and a psycho have put the country once again at the stake. Who says they are not following the footprints of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir?

It was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who broke Pakistan in 1971. Dismemberment of Pakistan was the starters for the PPP and since then there is no respite for the people of Pakistan. Benazir Bhutto gave away the lists of Sikhs to the Rajiv Gandhi through the then interior minister Aitzaz Ahsan that literally broke the back of Khalistan movement and giving India a golden chance to quash fully the Kashmir freedom struggle and hence making Pakistan vulnerable to Indian aggression.

Now Asif Ali Zardari has attacked Punjab province, where 65% of Pakistan lives. In their fantasies of making, Punjab their “Jageer”, Salman Taseer and Zardari are putting their all evil efforts and inviting at last army to take over, because even army knows that Zardari cannot be allowed his psycho-movements beyond certain limits.

Nation must support principles, otherwise the consequences are very alarming.

3 thoughts on “Alarming Zardari and His Coterie”

  1. Shakir, nobody is saint here and nobody actually requires saints to run the country. Saints are best suited in their shrines. Those who attacked SC rolled to the Q league. Nawaz Sharif went to Justice Sajjad Ali Shah’s chamber and apologized and assured him that he wasn’t aware about it.

    For your sake just assume that NS was directly involved in it. He has paid enough for it and he has emerged as the popular national leader. Like it or not, but thats the truth.

  2. Its a Shame for the Pakistan that the Person who was Facing the Serious Corruption Charges-Asif Ali Zardari is Now sitted in the Biggest Post of Pakistan as a President.
    Jinnah ne kabhi Socha na hoga ke uska Pakistan kabhi aise Halaat bhi Dekhega.
    Nahi to wo Pakistan banane ki jidd kabhi na karta.

  3. Are you saying that Nawaz Sharif is a saint? Don’t you remember the attack on the Supreme court, the attempt to make himself Amirul Momineen, and his plan to disallow Musharraf’s plane to land, thereby putting the lives of 200 innocent people in danger? Both Zardari and Nawaz are crooks, and should be exiled. Shahbaz, however, is much better than his elder brother. He could turn out to be a good leader.


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