Al-Qaeda Killed My Cat

The last day of year 2007 has left some indelible scars on my heart. After learning from the papers that there were some 49 suicide attacks in Pakistan in this year, and all of them were attributed to so-called Al-Qaeda, I took a sigh of relief that they didn’t complete their half century though I was grief-stricken over their every run, but my relief was short-lived, as in the wee hours of morning of 31st December, I heard a scream of my cat from outside. When I reached at the scene outside, the cat was lifeless and her throat was slit, and her pained eyes were asking me, “why”?

The brutal and audacious assassination of my cat was beyond my comprehension, as she never used to steal milk or other edible from neighbors, and she never remained promiscuous with her fraternity, and she normally used to spend her time away dozing outside the door. I immediately reported the gruesome act to nearby police station. SHO promptly came hurrying, and after inspecting the crime scene and the corpse, he brooded a little then gravely declared that Al-Qaeda did it, and he further consoled me by saying that as even US was unable to catch the Al-Qaeda operatives with so much force, money, pressure, toadies, and resources, how in the hell I expected him to do anything in this regard?

Some days ago, a cell phone of my friend was snatched in broad day light on a busy street, and when he reached police station with his complaint, one another SHO royally told him that Al-Qaeda did it, and the whole station burst into the laughter. All this car lifting, mobile snatching, hoarding, price hike, load shedding, robberies, rapes, and evils are committed by Al-Qaeda, and with a meager budget and no resources at all, police cannot simply control the situation, and that is why these evils are cut loose in every village, town and city.

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