Aid Secured by Pakistan

United States of America has after all given something to Pakistan through the World Bank. This has come when our president was growing impatient and the economy is crumbling, but now this World Bank aid would do some little good.

The World Bank has pledged to provide $1.4 billion support for Pakistan in the current year, which can be front-loaded to fast track investment projects and budgetary lending. The amount includes $600 million for investment portfolio and $800 million for budget support as macroeconomic stabilization program moves forward.

American double standards are matched only by themselves. At one side they are asking us to do more and talking about the accountability of the salary they gave to us all over these years, and now they are channeling the money through strings, and these peanuts would only appease the short term hunger of this country.

Pathetically enough, even our Karachi Stock Exchange showed 3 points up. But we must remember that its short term and of little lasting value.

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